Embley Energy's History

In 1997, we came together to transform the world’s understanding of what wave energy could do for our planet, and as technicians, engineers, and visionaries, we created SPERBOY™. 

A year later Embley Energy Limited was founded, and research funding secured from The European Commission in the frame work of the ‘Non-Nuclear Energy Programme JOULE III’.
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Embley Energy SPERBOY

In 2001 research was concluded at the University of Plymouth culminating in a 1/5th size pilot device which was deployed South of Plymouth Sound. A couple of years later extensive computer modelling studies were completed, prompting a change from a multi to single tube concept. 

In 2005 SPERBOY™ participated in the U.K. Carbon Trust’s Marine Energy Challenge, when independent consultants investigated its performance in terms of power capture as well as carrying out a detailed study of both capital and operating & maintenance costs to predict the cost of electrical energy generated. 

This led to a further two year study secured with support from The Carbon Trust and nPower Juice Fund, in association with Trafalgar Marine, entitled 'Advanced Concrete Structural Design of the SPERBOY™ Wave Energy Converter’. We worked with W. S. Atkins & Co. and H.M.R.C. University College, Cork on this project and gained a keener understanding of the materials we are proposing in our design.
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Embley Energy SPERBOY

During this time Great Western Research agreed to co-sponsor a Ph.D. programme at the Universities of Bath & Plymouth to further develop “Storm survivability and tuning strategies applicable to the SPERBOY™ Wave Energy Converter”.

A year later, project work including mathematical modelling began with the Universities of Bristol and The West of England.

We are now ready to take SPERBOY™ on the next stage of its journey, and move towards detailing the exact design specifications. Every deep blue wave could power orange street lamps. Be part of the wave.


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