SPERBOY™’s unique features make it a leader within the industry: simple to use, easy to construct and maintain, with long commercial life, and low cost of energy generation. These factors combine to make a solution to our energy crisis that outshines many others - a small 90 device wave farm generates enough electrical energy for over 112,000 homes.

Perfectly designed to suit Western European waters, as well as those around Canada, the United States of America, Japan, South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand, it is not hard to see the breadth of possibilities that SPERBOY™ offers. 

We’ve worked hard on the numbers, and are confident that SPERBOY™ can generate at a cost of between £30 to £57 per MWh including an allowance for current pipeline innovations– while the market currently offers between £70 and £90 per MWh. Our competitive edge is clear to see.

The Energy and Climate Change Committee estimated that the UK market for renewable energy alone was £76 billion. Our technical and design advantages suggest that we could gain a relatively large portion of this market, making SPERBOY™ not only an economically viable alternative to coal, oil, and nuclear, but a fantastic investment opportunity. 

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